The purpose of the Federation is to unite the women's clubs of Maryland for the betterment of their communities through the support of the Arts; the preservation of our natural resources; the promotion of education; the encouragement of healthy lifestyles; stressing civic involvement; and working towards world peace and understanding.

From left: Anita Becker, Treasurer; Mary Snyder, Corresponding Secretary; Dawn Donovan, Recording Secretary; Karen Wasik, Vice-President; Dottie Gregg, President-Elect; Becca Wagman, Director of Junior Clubs; Reno Eitel, President

2016-2018 Officers

President: Reno Eitel
President-elect: Dottie Gregg
Vice President: Karen Wasik
Recording Secretary: Barbara Weldon
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Snyder
Treasurer: Anita Becker
Director of Junior Clubs: Rebecca Wagman

2016-2018 Junior Officers

Contact: Rebecca Wagman - rebeccawagman@gmail.com

Director of Junior Clubs: Rebecca Wagman
Director-elect:  Andrea Lilly
Junior Secretary: Emily Rosenthal
Junior Treasurer: Dana Bodley

Official Call

Official Call to 2017 GFWC MD Annual Convention


Outstanding Maryland Clubwoman Award Cover Sheet and Rules

Maryland Clubwoman Magazine contents deadlines 2016-2018

Expense Voucher 2016-2018

Club Treasurer Payment Form 2016-2018

GFWC MD By-Laws Corrected Form 2017

Proposed By-Laws Amendment 2018

MD LEADS Informational Sheet and Application Form 2018

GFWC MD Statistical Report Form 2016 - 2017


September GFWC MD Board of Directors meeting 2015

First Vice-president, Dottie Gregg; Recording Secretary, Barbara Weldon; Parliamentarian, Jo Rousseau; GFWC MD President, Brenda Bennett

GFWC MD President-elect, Reno Eitel; Corresponding Secretary, Bernadette Simon; Treasurer, Karen Wasik-Saunders; GFWC MD Juniors President, Sandra Mattocks

Baltimore District President, Dawn Donovan; Eastern Shore Presdient, Cynthia Dykes; Montgomery County President,TinTin Raschid

Western District President, Susan Kritchten; Speaker: Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership (SHIP) Mary Lynn Hinde; Southern District President, Beverly Death

September GFWC MD Board of Directors meeting 2014

GFWC Maryland Federation of Women's Clubs Board of Directors Meeting held in Hurlock, MD Joined by GFWC International President Babs Condon reflecting on 20 Years of VAWA! 


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